Cold insulation is imperative prevent moisture from entering the insulation system. The entering of moisture in the inner surface may reduce the system's performance. We are amongst the prompt growing companies that can provide itscold insulation services at industry leading prices. We are empowered with the all infrastructural facilities to offer absolute cold thermal insulation to our clients. Cold Insulation is an important criterion for the longer service life of different machines and equipment. Our infrastructural facilities assisted us to customize our cold insulation services as per the specific requirement of clients.

Service description:

The Insulation is required for environment temp. below ambient The type of Insulation comes under Cold Insulation. The materials required and generally applied for the Cold Insulation are as under:


Thermocole: Both in ND and TF quality Upto -20 0C.


Polyurethane Foam: Upto – 200 0C.


The Insulation can also be done by machine, providing cavity of the required thickness and dispensing the PU Chemicals in defined proportion through dispensing machine where the isothermal reaction takes place and foam is formed. The job can be done at site and the process is called as Pouring In-Situ.


Phenolic Foam: Upto – 180 0C.


Nitrile Rubber: Upto – 200 0C


It will be interesting to note that the above material can be applied in Block and Pipe Sections by Manual Application process.